Hekimhan Mining uses for its foreign shipments the ports in the Iskenderun region in the northeast of Akdeniz, around 460 km away from the plant. Domestic sales, on the other hand, are performed free on rail at Karakısık Railway Station, owned by the company, only 1 km away from calcination plants.

Limakport, the region’s largest port in Iskenderun, has piers at a depth of 15,5 meters equipped with bulk cargo handling facilities and has one of the longest (550 meters) docks in Akdeniz with a capacity of 150.000 DWT container ship.

Our product is loaded in big bags or containers, depending on customer’s preferences, through filling systems at the calcination facility. Bagged/containerized products are transported to our train loading station only 1 kilometer away from the calcination plant and then shipped to the loading port through TCDD Rail lines.

Quotation(s) is given immediately as per the mode(s) of sales demanded by the customer in accordance with the rules and definitions specified in Incoterms 2010. Shipments are performed as specified below depending on the customer’s preference for packaging, type of product sold, and mode of sale:

Bulk on ship hold or bulk in containers,

Break bulk on ship hold or containerized in Big Bags.

If you have any demands or questions about our company and products, please feel free to reach us from one of the contacts given below. We will contact you as soon as possible.