Our Sustainability Policy

A pacemaker with its activities in the mining industry, Hekimhan Mining Imports Exports Industry, and Trade Co., pivots corporate sustainability around its business mindset. Based upon this mindset, Hekimhan Mining adopts strategies for sustainable development under its parent company and subsidiaries and acts with raised awareness of its responsibility to the environment and the communities in Türkiye and its geographies of operation.

In this direction, Hekimhan Mining aims at performing its activities under the following principles:

• to operate in compliance with relevant local and international legislations,

• to show an approach that regards the UN Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with sustainability strategies and activities,

• to conduct its activities in compliance with the ethical code of conduct and pursuant to corporate governance principles,

• to manage the environmental impacts that originate from its activities at optimum and to take relevant measures to conserve biological diversity and natural resources,

• to act with the awareness of risks posed by climate change,

• to operate with business processes and policies that regard human rights, occupational health, and safety based upon a mindset to ensure safe and decent work conditions, to announce its approach with “Human Rights Policy” to its stakeholders, and to relay this approach to its employees and supply chain,

• to adopt technologies and applications that support energy and resource productivity,

• to follow R&D and innovation-driven business development approach,

• to act in countries of operation with a goal to support local communities and regional development,

• to take into account the expectations of its stakeholders, consider their contributions, and care for building long-term relations with stakeholders,

• to maintain its support to the community and sustainable development through social responsibility projects,

• to follow the sustainability approach in the supply chain through “Supply Chain Policy”, and

• to support sectorial sustainability applications in parallel with membership cooperations and initiatives.

This policy is followed periodically as per requirements and is updated if and when deemed necessary. Sustainability Committee is responsible for updating this policy. This policy became effective on 02.06.2021 upon approval by the Board of Directors.